Help Corona-hit people by

Playing Cricket and Football quizzes.
Fund India’s war against Corona Virus.

All the proceeds will be donated to

Play a Cricket quiz and Fund India’s War against CO-VID 19

Corona Virus is eating the entire world from within Humans are under lockdown, but not Humanity.
We want to be an active part in India’s war against this deadly disease…

Enter a cricket quiz contest with Rs. 25

You play the quiz and have fun, while we donate all the proceeds to charity.

Step 1
Take a quiz; the entry fees is mere ₹ 25

PS. We have also waved our service charge!

Step 2
The entire amount collected through this will be given to the Corona Fund Relief Project initiated by the Rapid Response charity.

Because of this, no winners will be declared on the website, and no winning amount will be distributed among players.

Step 3
With the funds collected, Game of scores in collaboration with Rapid Response will provide Hygiene & Dry Ration Relief Supplies to Indians living in the rural areas.

They are at greater risk of contracting the coronavirus because of lack of awareness and their poor living conditions.

Step 4
Play more games to be a game changer in someone's life